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Ketamine Infusion


Dealing with a chronic health condition, such as chronic pain, complex regional pain syndrome, migraines, treatment-resistant depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder? Ketamine infusions have repeatedly shown positive outcomes in these populations. Book a free consult today! Call our office at 573-507-6580 or email us at to learn more!

Morpheus IV Hydration Columbia MO  Spa and Ketamine Therapy

Why Ketamine Therapy?

Ketamine is showing results in chronic pain sufferers by providing relief for various issues, including...

  • chronic migraines

  • complex regional pain syndrome

  • treatment resistant depression

  • fibromyalgia

  • traumatic spinal cord injury

  • post traumatic stress disorder

Morpheus IV Hydration Columbia MO  Spa and Ketamine Therapy


Columbia, MO


Your Ketamine Treatments will be highly customized by our trained health experts who will discuss your desired outcome and recommend the right treatment plan for you. Our free consultation is designed to determine if ketamine infusions could reduce your symptoms.  Due to the powerful nature of this drug,  Ketamine Treatments can only be booked after your consultation.

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Book today to see if a Ketamine Infusion Treatment is right for you.



Disclaimer: Certain health conditions may prevent you from receiving an IV infusion, including but not limited to congestive heart failure, renal failure, or pregnancy. Make sure you disclose your health history prior to your infusion with our health care professionals for your safety.

Ketamine Treatment 


Frequently asked questions

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a drug used regularly in anesthesia for a wide variety of treatments, including general anesthesia and pain relief. In addition to anesthesia, ketamine is becoming more widely used in subanesthetic doses to provide relief in acute and chronic pain settings. Ketamine has gained popularity in pain relief as an alternative to opioids, being used regularly for surgical and pathological pain. More recently, ketamine is trending in the chronic pain arena providing relief for various chronic pain sufferers, including chronic migraines, and complex regional pain syndrome, as well as treatment-resistant depression, fibromyalgia, traumatic spinal cord injury, and post traumatic stress disorder.

Do you offer Mobile Ketamine Treatments?

No, we don’t. All appointments will take place at our Columbia, MO center during regular business hours.

How soon will I feel relief?

Most people feel some relief within 24-48 hours, but all results vary based on each individual person. The research shows most patients who have done received ketamine treatments see an improvement, but it's not guaranteed. We ask that you complete all six treatments within the specified time frame to get the greatest benefit.

How long does the Ketamine Treatment take?

You should plan on being at our Columbia, MO center for 3-hours.

Will I need to bring someone with me? What should I expect after the treatment?

Yes, you will need to bring a support person with you that will be with you through your treatment and then stay with you for the next 12-24 hours. Plan to be at the clinic for approximately three (3) hours for each treatment. You may not operate heavy machinery or drive a car for 24 hours, and we ask that you do not make any major decisions within 24 hours of receiving this treatment.

Besides my support person, should I bring anything with me?

We want you to be comfortable and relaxed during your session. Feel free to bring in your own pillow or blanket if you would like. Some patients also prefer to bring headphones and music or relaxing sounds. We offer essential oil diffusers, space heaters, and dimmable lighting, along with comfortable recliners for you and your support person.

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My Own Struggle With Pain

How Ketamine Therapy changed  Morpheus owner, Jennifer Clark's,  life 

"Hi, I'm Jennifer, co-owner of Morpheus. I'm so excited that you are here! If you are dealing with chronic pain, I want you to know that you are not alone. For over five years, I had suffered from daily chronic migraines. I was miserable, and nothing I did seemed to provide me with lasting results. However, I started hearing about research linking ketamine to positive results in chronic pain sufferers. I figured I didn't have anything to lose and received a treatment to help with my daily intense pain. It worked so well for me that I knew I needed to spread the word on this treatment. After this life-changing experience, I decided to make it my goal to open a local ketamine infusion clinic. If you are experiencing chronic pain on a daily basis we should chat.