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Columbia, MO

Ketamine Infusion & Ketamine Integrative Psychotherapy


Dealing with a chronic health condition, such as chronic pain, complex regional pain syndrome, migraines, treatment-resistant depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder? Ketamine infusions and our new Ketamine Integrative Psychotherapy have repeatedly shown positive outcomes in these populations. Book a free consultation today!

Call our office at 573-507-6580 or email us at to learn more!

Morpheus IV Hydration Columbia MO  Spa and Ketamine Therapy

Why Ketamine Therapy?

Ketamine is showing results in chronic pain sufferers by providing relief for various issues, including...

  • chronic migraines

  • complex regional pain syndrome

  • treatment-resistant depression

  • fibromyalgia

  • traumatic spinal cord injury

  • post-traumatic stress disorder

  • anxiety

  • chronic pain 

Ketamine Integrative Psychotherapy

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Introducing a groundbreaking service within the Morpheus IV framework, Ketamine Integrative Psychotherapy, offered by the highly esteemed Joseph Cusumano, Ph.D., affectionately known as "Dr. Joe." Dr. Joe holds the distinction of being the 7th longest active Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Missouri, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to this innovative therapeutic approach.


Ketamine Integrative Psychotherapy at our Columbia, MO location represents a cutting-edge synergy of psychotherapeutic techniques and the judicious use of ketamine, a dissociative anesthetic known for its potential in treating mental health disorders.

Studies confirm that Ketamine Integrative Psychotherapy (KIP) provides effective long-term help with...

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  •  PTSD

  •  and Chronic Pain Management 

Under Dr. Joe's compassionate guidance, this virtual therapy service aims to provide individuals with a transformative journey toward healing, offering a novel perspective in the realm of mental health care.

Columbia, MO


Your Ketamine Treatments will be highly customized by our trained health experts who will discuss your desired outcome and recommend the right treatment plan for you. Our free consultation is designed to determine if ketamine infusions could reduce your symptoms.  Due to the powerful nature of this drug,  Ketamine Treatments can only be booked after your consultation.

Happy Doctor



Book today to see if a Ketamine Infusion Treatment or Ketamine Integrated Therapy is right for you.



Disclaimer: Certain health conditions may prevent you from receiving an IV infusion, including but not limited to congestive heart failure, renal failure, or pregnancy. Make sure you disclose your health history prior to your infusion with our health care professionals for your safety.

Ketamine Treatments
Morpheus IV Hydration Columbia MO  Spa and Ketamine Therapy


Ketamine Treatment 


  • What are your COVID-19 Policies?
    We are committed to a safe environment, whether it's in our office or if we come to you. We will be abiding by the mask ordinance every place we go, and, for our own safety, we appreciate it if you do, as well. In our office, everyone will be required to wear masks while inside, both our staff and our clients. For our mobile experience, we will wear masks throughout your infusion. We ask that you wear a mask while we start your infusion and again at the end when we discontinue your IV.
  • What if I'm scared of needles? Do you provide numbing?
    Not a fan of needles? That's ok! Request our numbing spray prior to your IV insertion. Just ask us when you get to our clinic.
  • How old can you be for an IV treatment?
    You need to be at least 18 years of age and able to give your informed consent. We will consider infusions for those 16 or older with parent/guardian consent.
  • Can anyone get an IV infusion?
    No. There are certain health conditions that may prevent us from safely providing an infusion. Please make sure you fill out your entire health history form and disclose all health conditions to your IV provider.
  • Can you be pregnant and receive an infusion?
    No. While these infusions are safe, there are some unknowns with pregnancy and infusion therapy. Due to the unknowns and legal complexity, we are not currently offering infusions to those who are pregnant.
  • How long will the infusion last?
    For our standard infusions, you should plan to be at the clinic for an hour. The infusion itself will only last 30-45 minutes. The NAD+ infusions will last longer than our regular IV therapies, and you should plan on 2-3 hours for the initial NAD+ infusion. For the NAD+ infusions with an increased dose (Smarty Pants + and Super Smarty), plan on being at the clinic for 4+ hours.
  • How often should I get an IV treatment?
    You can do an IV infusion every day if you want. Depending on your goals for IV infusions, we recommend coming in at least twice a month for full effects.
  • Can I add to my infusion when I arrive?
    Yes, you may choose your add-ons once you arrive to the clinic.
  • Do you take walk-ins?
    We do, but we cannot guarantee how long you will wait before we can start your infusion. We definitely recommend pre-booking your appointment to guarantee your appointment time. Walk-ins will be worked in on first come, first serve basis after our regularly scheduled patients.
  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule?
    We require a 24-hour notice for cancellation or rescheduling in order to not be charged for the appointment both for in clinic and mobile appointments. This is because we will likely have to discard the IV infusion we have prepared for you if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance and the supplies will be wasted.

What Our Patients Say

"Morpheus gave me my life back! I feel like a completely different person"

Sandy Beach

My Own Struggle With Pain

How Ketamine Therapy changed  Morpheus owner, Jennifer Clark's,  life 

"Hi, I'm Jennifer, co-owner of Morpheus. I'm so excited that you are here! If you are dealing with chronic pain, I want you to know that you are not alone. For over five years, I had suffered from daily chronic migraines. I was miserable, and nothing I did seemed to provide me with lasting results. However, I started hearing about research linking ketamine to positive results in chronic pain sufferers. I figured I didn't have anything to lose and received a treatment to help with my daily intense pain. It worked so well for me that I knew I needed to spread the word on this treatment. After this life-changing experience, I decided to make it my goal to open a local ketamine infusion clinic. If you are experiencing chronic pain, migraine, depression, PTSD, or anxiety, get in touch with us today to see how Ketamine might be able to help. 


Owners Ketamine Story
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