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What Drives Us

Morpheus IV Treatments & Ketamine Infusion therapy center was created to help others achieve a healthier life and reach their own goals.  With a specific background in anesthesia and pain management, we know how to utilize medications to achieve real results. With our broad knowledge base, we can help heal and maintain overall wellness. 

We are proud to be the first clinic here in mid-Missouri to offer both IV hydration and ketamine infusions.

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Meet Your Medical Team

Jennifer Clark,

Jennifer is a nurse anesthetist here in Columbia, Missouri. Jennifer attended the University of Missouri and earned her bachelor's degree in nursing. She was an intensive care nurse at the VA in Columbia for two years, and then decided to go back to school at Webster University for her nurse anesthesia degree. Jennifer has been practicing nurse anesthesia for 12 years.

Eileen Deckert, RN

We are so excited to have Eileen Deckert, RN working for our clinic! She graduated from Lutheran School of Nursing in St Louis, MO and has worked in many areas of nursing, including oncology, orthopedics, neurology, and most recently pre-operative nursing. Eileen brings with her over 25 years of experience. We are very lucky to have her with us!

Sandy Beach

My Own Struggle with Pain

How Ketamine Therapy changed  Morpheus owner, Jennifer Clark's,  life 

"Hi, I'm Jennifer, co-owner of Morpheus. I'm so excited that you are here! If you are dealing with chronic pain, I want you to know that you are not alone.  For over five years, I had suffered from daily chronic migraines. I was miserable, and nothing I did seemed to provide me with lasting results. However, I started hearing about research linking ketamine to positive results in chronic pain sufferers. I figured I didn't have anything to lose and received a treatment to help with my daily intense pain. It worked so well for me that I knew I needed to spread the word on this treatment.  After this life-changing experience, I decided to make it my goal to open a local ketamine infusion clinic. If you are experiencing chronic pain on a daily basis we should chat.


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